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POV with an impaired character

Last year, I started writing a short story about a woman facing a life or death situation as a result of a natural disaster. The premise, which would only be revealed in the end, was that this woman was actually enduring her daily commute to work and that the natural disaster was a crippling anxiety. […]

Sean Cummings says to get my @#$ on Twitter

This morning Sean Cummings posted on Oasis for YA with advice for fledgling authors to “Get your @#$ on Twitter“. He writes about the advantages of interacting with writers, bloggers and about getting inside the head of the elusive and enigmatic literary agent. See where I am going with this? Get your @#$% on Twitter […]

Courage To Try

This past Saturday I spent the day with my family at a Rhythmic Gymnastics competition for the Special Olympics. I expect that most people have heard about just how amazing it feels to be part of these events and how inspiring the athletes are. Both are absolutely true. And there was more: I learned something, […]

Permission To Suck

In November, I failed in my NaNoWriMo quest. Completely. It took about 10 days and rewriting the same group of 1,500 words about a dozen times before I surrendered and realized that I wasn’t going to be sporting a NaNoWriMo “Winner” badge anytime soon. In order to “win” NanoWriMo, I should have been putting new […]