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#amwriting plans for 2017

2016 was a disappointing year on so many fronts for so many people. I got through it better than most, although I need to remember to leave outrage and justifiable anger to folks who are better qualified to wield them, no matter how good it feels to be part of the crowd … erm mob. […]

#amwriting : Christie Yant’s Tools For Writers

As seen on Twitter, here is a link to writer and editor (think Lightspeed’s WOMEN DESTROY SCIENCE FICTION!) Christie Yant‘s Tools For Writers spreadsheet, free and updated for 2016. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1b9kMUG1hJClQ2Vx3CRyqioEb80rXYnkd6JbvCDs9-Pc … h/t to @christieyant #amwriting

Cheffo’s Favourites of 2015

Your typical “Best of” list seem to run at least 10 entries and are put out by people who read widely, and with a critical eye. In 2015 I read more widely, and with a more critical eye. I read stories recommended by others, stories by writers whose work I enjoy and stories featured in […]

New LitMags to Watch

As we 2015 winds down, we received word that Tor.com is closing their slush pile. They will continue to solicit short fiction submissions, but no more unsolicited stuff for them. Fair enough as they are a very visible, yet exclusive market. It looks like they have not updated their submissions page yet, so if you […]

A new favourite resource

I was cruising around LitReactor last night and happened upon a thread asking about Short Story Writing Resources. There was some discussion of Richard Thomas’ Short Story Mechanics course (which I cannot recommend strongly enough) and a few other links thrown in for good measure. One of those links, however, was new to me: ReadToWriteStories.com. I’m […]

Highly Recommended: THE WRITE SPACE workshop series at STORY PLANET

The fledgling writer in me is truly fortunate to live in Toronto. There are great literary events (Word on the Street, International Festival of Authors, Toronto International Book Fair), fabulous small presses (ChiZine Publications, BookThug, Dundurn), great conventions (SFCOntario, Ad Astra) and some of my favourite writers. These, in turn, give rise to a host […]

Do you need a StoryFix?

My first completed novel draft sucked. No big deal — the first draft of first novel is supposed to suck, right? I recently pulled that draft out of the figurative drawer and had a look at it. I like the tone. I like the main character and love his backstory.  I love the world in which […]

Women Destroy Horror Reading Period

Women Destroy Horror Reading Period With the GREAT SUCCESS of Lightspeed Magazine’s Women Destroy Science Fiction Kickstarter campaign comes Women Destroy Horror and Women Destroy Fantasy. Reading for these two special issues opens on March 15, 2014 (closing March 31,2014) and submissions are open to women, where “A woman is any human being who identifies […]

Best of 2013: Books on Craft

2013 has been the year when the craft of writing started to make sense for me. It’s been the year in which I proved to myself that I can write, even if I don’t write particularly well. Yet. Things are starting to come together. I am starting to see and feel how story works. It […]

SFCOntario 4 Panels & Schedule

SFCOntario 4 Panels & Schedule Good morning Toronto! The programming grid for this weekend’s SFCOntario is up. Looks like there are lots of great panels and be sure not to miss SFCOntario Idol, where the first page of your manuscript is read aloud until the panel buzzes in to stop. Then they explain what worked […]

The first rule of CritClub is you don’t talk about CritClub.

A member of my critique group wrote a story that is appearing this month in what I would call an A-List pro market. He shared the story with the group last year (who says the publishing world is slow?) and I am curious to see what preceded the final published version. Last night, I went […]

I like to write and it’s not a lie.

Have you ever heard exactly the same thing dozens of times and then you hear it just one more time and all of a sudden you feel the truth of it? No? Well it happens to me all the time (I can be a little dense) and it happened again this morning. SharkAgent-of-excellent-advice Janet Reid […]