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This Year, I Am Going To Just Say #NoToNaNaWriMo

Despite the dark forces of Fall (committee meetings, homework helping, sports practices and the damned day job) conspiring to prevent it, I have managed to make great progress on the research and outline for my novel WiP. I’ve received great feedback (from honest-to-god writers) concerning the concept, characters and plot. I really like how things […]

Things I Learned At Camp

So the first round of Camp NaNoWriMo is done. Made my target word count. Good. Learned how to stop stopping and keep writing. Good. Yesterday I went back and read the 32,000 or so words. Hmmm. It seems that I like commas … and elipses — and em-dashes. A decade of posting on message boards […]

Just because I can …

Recent weeks have brought to mind the notion that just because we can do something doesn’t mean that we should do that thing. Self-publishing — it is now possible for people to bypass the traditional agent/publisher route and take their work directly to the people. A very powerful option, to be sure, but how many […]

Courage To Try

This past Saturday I spent the day with my family at a Rhythmic Gymnastics competition for the Special Olympics. I expect that most people have heard about just how amazing it feels to be part of these events and how inspiring the athletes are. Both are absolutely true. And there was more: I learned something, […]

Permission To Suck

In November, I failed in my NaNoWriMo quest. Completely. It took about 10 days and rewriting the same group of 1,500 words about a dozen times before I surrendered and realized that I wasn’t going to be sporting a NaNoWriMo “Winner” badge anytime soon. In order to “win” NanoWriMo, I should have been putting new […]