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Review: The Cormorant by Chuck Wendig (4.75/5)

A (Brief) Moment of Doubt Maybe it’s me. Maybe it was the timing of reading The Cormorant shortly after having the first pages of my Work In Progress brutally critiqued. Whatever the cause, my initial reaction to the first pages of this book was disappointment. I understand why Wendig starts out with an Interlude (which […]

The Cormorant! Aww yiss!

Chuck Wendig’s third Miriam Black book is up on NetGalley and is here at Casa Cheffo in my KindleGadgets. Thanks going out to the Beardly One and the fine folks at Angry Robot!

Review: Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig (4/5)

GrittyDarkFast! If I had to sum up Chuck Wendig‘s Blackbirds in a single word (whilst avoiding expletives) this would be it: GrittyDarkFast*. The first encounter with Miriam Black pulled me under. She watched Del Amico die in a seedy motel room, lit up a cigarette and walked away with $50 and Del’s Mastercard. “Dear Diary: […]