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CZP books are also available by subscription

CZP books are also available by subscription This is the most exciting news of 2014! ChiZine is offering e-books copies (ePub, Mobi, PDF) of their entire 2014 lineup for only $99. That’s 23 books, folks, and there are some doozies in there. You won’t want to miss Fearful Symmetries (edited by Ellen Datlow) or Imaginarium 2014 (edited […]

How have I never seen these before?

Book trailers from some ChiZine books I have enjoyed. Loving these!

Review: The Mona Lisa Sacrifice by Peter Roman (Peter Darbyshire) (4.5/5)

Roman is Darbyshire. Darbyshire is Roman. Peter Roman is the name under which Peter Darbyshire (Please and The Warhol Gang) has written the pulpy urban fantasy noir The Mona Lisa Sacrifice. As he points out in a piece in the National Post, he chose a pen name in order to distinguish, not hide, his different […]

Review: Ninja vs Pirate Featuring Zombies (4/5) and Zombie vs Fairy Featuring Albinos by James Marshall (4/5)

One Fucked-up Book I bought NVPFZ on a whim as part of the first order I ever placed with ChiZine Publications. Look at the title and tell me how could I not. Some time later, an award-winning writer/editor/publisher told me that it was “one fucked-up book.” He meant, and I interpreted, this as a GoodThing(tm). […]

The dog ate my BFA-winning book!

Alright, so he merely snacked on my copy of Helen Marshall’s Hair Side, Flesh Side. Last night, I came down to my office to find that Harvey the Wonderhound had, for the first time in his life, decided to chew on a book. I wondered at his choice, given that the author was in the […]

Review: The Delphi Room by Melia McClure (4.25/5)

Compelling Premise Can two misfits find love after death? This is the interesting question at the heart of The Delphi Room, although I might suggest that the book also explores the question of finding love for oneself after death. In a beautiful opening chapter, Velvet commits suicide at the urging of her psychosis Shadowman. Afterward, […]

ChiSeries Toronto Presents: Christopher Rice, Michael Rowe and Melia McClure

On Wednesday, November 13th at 8:00pm, ChiSeries has a very special (and that’s “special” as in “Are you kidding me? SUPERFUCKINGUNBELIEVAWOWSOME!”) evening planned. Christopher Rice is, well, he’s Christopher Rice. NYT bestselling author of several thrillers, the most recent of which is The Heavens Rise. Michael Rowe wrote the brilliant vampire book Enter, Night and […]

Review: Enter, Night by Michael Rowe (4.5/5)

Vampires You Can Be Afraid Of What happened to the world that my kids only know vampires as leather-clad superheroes and pouty emo teenagers? VAMPIRES ARE MONSTERS TO BE FUCKING FEARED! Who the hell is afraid of a sullen teenager who sparkles (when those sparkles are not the result of a horrifying encounter with a […]

Judging a Book By Its Cover

It is no great secret that I am a sucker for a good cover. I willingly give it up for books that put beautiful assets up front for everybody to see. Cover design matters and influences our perception and purchase of books. Witness Maureen Johnson‘s recent call to Coverflip, which made a very poignant point about […]

Physical or Digital? Both?

As recently as 6 months ago I was an e-only book buyer. I treasure my beat-up old Kindle and have Kindle/Kobo/Zinio/etc. apps on every device I own. I revel in the ability to instantly pull up a great short like Chris F. Holm’s The Toll Collectors absolutely any time the desire takes me. Digital books […]

Review: Goldenland Past Dark by Chandler Klang Smith (4/5)

Beautiful Prose I was introduced to Chandler Klang Smith by an interview she did with Writer’s Digest. She suggested that “a novel is a fractal”. The recovering mathematician in me found the idea intriguing and elegant, so I posted a rather detailed response in the comments. Sadly, that response vanished into the bowels of the […]