Some time ago, after I had finished a zero-draft of novel #1, I realized that there were too many moving parts in a novel that I did not understand and had not kept in mind whilst Nano-ing away. With the next novel, I took some time. Looked at the various components. Am still looking at […]

I missed this when it came out, but our dear friend Susie over at Insatiable Booksluts posted a Stephen Kind wordsearch puzzle that is a perfect distraction from #amwriting. You’re welcome! #ShouldBeWriting Follow the Insatiable Booksluts on Twitter: @thebooksluts

A novel written in a sprint leads to a decathlon of rewrites and editing. Over on LitReactor, Brandon Tietz talks about your next 8 steps. Or — if you didn’t finish — Leah Dearborn has some suggestions about what to do with that unfinished manuscript.

Welp. 2015 was underwhelming in terms of story production and acceptances. Don’t get me wrong: I am grateful to have a story featured in QUICK SHIVERS ABOUT BUGS. Their anthologies have featured stories by writers I admire and crafting a 100 word story around somebody else’s nightmare was real work and taught me a lot. But I didn’t […]

Working a bit on repairing an old friend: my little Rygar machine.  The cheap, undocumented monitor of unknown origin gave out, so I am replacing it with a nice shiny monitor that I salvaged from an exercise bike (never know where you are going to find things). After I got things apart, I had to take […]

Here at Casa Cheffo, we pride ourselves on the horrible haunting experience that we provide during this most wonderful time of the year. Way, way back, I used to generate soundtracks and effects on-the-fly like a macabre DJ. I wrote and released a piece of software that allowed you to send music and sound effects […]

After NANO-ing my first book, I started working on a second. Cool concept leaning into a good premise and some good structural tentpoles for the first quarter. Got some supportive feedback from a pro. Then I took some time to work on my short game. I took a couple of classes and wrote some stories before […]

Great New Voice in Crime Fiction Let me start with a confession: I love the Singles series from One Eye Press. At less than $3 ($4 here in Canada) for Kindlegadget version, they offer a lot of hardboiled bang for very little buck. Thing is, the paperbacks are gorgeous, so I kick in the additional $4 […]

Delighted and grateful to report that I heard back on the first of the Microfiction Madness submissions. My piece CHOSEN has been accepted by for their Quick Shivers about Bugs anthology. First sale of 2015! Woot!

At the end of March, I decided to take a break from short stories and try my hand at microfiction — stories of 100 words or fewer. I wanted to see if I could generate friction from rubbing a very few sentences together. Writing short, short, short stories is hard and every word has to […]

While I do get most of my market info from Duotrope, Ralan and DarkMarkets, there are a number of Facebook Groups out there. Here are three of my favourites: OPEN CALL: HORROR MARKETS (paying markets) OPEN CALL: FOR THE LOVE OF HORROR (non-paying markets) Calls for Submissions (Poetry, Fiction, Art) All are closed groups and you have to join in order to see listing information. They also have […]

If you are writing and submitting (or procrastinating about either), you need to be reading Richard Thomas’ Storyville column over at LitReactor. This time around, Richard writes about 10 places to submit your work this year, including a couple of new spots I missed on Duotrope. Read. Write. Submit. Repeat. Good luck!