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To Review Or Not To Review?

I was skimming through The Passive Voice and happened upon a posting that wondered “Is reading reviews a huge mistake?” In it, the author asks some interesting (but, IMNSHO, unnecessary) questions. I wonder if I should stop writing reviews. Am I guilty of spoiling another’s enjoyment, of perhaps causing someone, because of my arrogance, to […]

The shit just got real!

Every few days, Amazon sends me a list of books that they think I should read. I have always presumed that it was based on past purchases and Amazon browsing history. Today, I am not so sure. Today, they scored a perfect 10 out of 10. I own every single book that they recommend. Every […]

How have I never seen these before?

Book trailers from some ChiZine books I have enjoyed. Loving these!

I hate your book and I hate you!

Last week bunches of people had discussions (some even with each other) about the appropriateness of authors thanking reviewers. I said “Hell, yes! Please do.” along with some other stuff about why I am entirely unsuited to delivering a professional or unbiased review. This morning, another aspect of the writer/reader relationship puzzle showed up in […]

ChiZinePub’s Black Friday Sale! $0.99 eBooks!

Life is WAY too short not to take advantage of CZP’s insanity. I just added 22 of their titles to my collection. In celebration of American Thanksgiving—and to help us all recover from our gastronomic excesses—it’s our Black Friday Sale! For today only, November 29, 2013 (until midnight PST), we are offering all CZP ebook […]

Thanks or no thanks

Tonight, Steve Weddle and Chris F. Holm lit up the Twittersphere discussing an interesting question: Should authors thank reviewers for positive reviews? The responses were mixed, although I think the consensus was “Sure.” There were concerns about authors trying to curry favour in exchange for future positive reviews and about reviewers being creeped out or […]

On this, Chris F. Holm’s birthday …

… I offer two reviews of books not written by Chris F. Holm. Instead, these are books that I enjoyed the same way that I have enjoyed Holm’s Collector series. One of them was even recommended by the esteemed birthday boy. If you liked Dead Harvest, The Wrong Goodbye or The Big Reap, then you […]

Daily reading for the busy writer

I have to write every day. Blog entry, short story, book review, work on the novel, whatever. I need to put words on the page. I also read every day. I usually have a book or two on the go, and now there are the critique stories, but sometimes (well, most of the time) I […]

id est quod est et me beatum facit

I just read sj’s (aka @popqueenie) not-quite-celebratory blog-i-versary post: I’m Willing to Bet That We’ve Still Got Nothing In Common Go ahead. Read it now. I’ll wait. Much of what she wrote hit me smack in the ballsack, although I disagree that we’ve got nothing in common. She must be the only other person on […]

Stranger than fiction. You can’t make this shit up.

David Nickle is an author whose works of fiction are dark, imaginative and creep me the fuck out. He also a covers Toronto politics for a local media group and, in recent days, his Tweets on #topoli have been stranger than the fiction he writes. Back in June, when it was revealed that our beloved […]

The dog ate my BFA-winning book!

Alright, so he merely snacked on my copy of Helen Marshall’s Hair Side, Flesh Side. Last night, I came down to my office to find that Harvey the Wonderhound had, for the first time in his life, decided to chew on a book. I wondered at his choice, given that the author was in the […]

The Cormorant! Aww yiss!

Chuck Wendig’s third Miriam Black book is up on NetGalley and is here at Casa Cheffo in my KindleGadgets. Thanks going out to the Beardly One and the fine folks at Angry Robot!