Cultural Appropriation and Newtonian Physics

This week saw a bunch of Canadian writers rant and rail on Twitter against the “mobbing” of Hal Niedzviecki for his editorial on cultural appropriation (perhaps more appropriately described as his lack of understanding of cultural appropriation).

The folks in question are — unsurprisingly — white and privileged. Hell, one of the douchebags is an old schoolmate of mine. They pledged funds to get the ball rolling on Niedzviecki’s proprosed “Cultural Appropriation Prize.” In the clear light of morning, they claimed it was a joke, it was glib. It’s like watching a group of 6 year-olds who know they are in trouble, but don’t understand why.

They claim libertarian views where individual rights trump collective rights. Things is, those who espouse libertarianism are almost always people who *already* have all the rights. They’re like rich people screaming for financial relief.

In the face of that ugly display of clueless privilege came near-Newtonian reversal: Silvia Moreno-Garcia made the suggestion of an Emerging Indigenous Voices Award and said she’d pony up $500 towards it.

She’s at $3000 and climbing. Go have a look.


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