Short Stories You Can Listen To


This week I am reading Damien Angelica Walters‘ PAPER TIGERS. I’ve read some of her short work before and the opening chapters of PT reminded me that I loveLoveLOVE her voice. I found myself craving at times when reading wasn’t convenient: while walking Harvey the Wonderhound, cooking, driving. An audio fix seemed in order, especially since the #YearOfReadingShorts and the reading list for my September Dark Fiction class dominate my sedentary time.


Harvey the Wonderhound can’t read. He needs audioshorts.

I know that This Is Horror used to have occasional episodes where writers would read their own work and have always loved Nightmare Magazine, Lightspeed, Apex and Pseudopod, but I wondered if there were other spots where I could find D.A.W.’s work in audio form.

Apple’s Podcast manager is a loathesome product, but being able to search show notes for all registered podcasts is damned convenient and churned up some new sources that I didn’t know or perhaps had forgotten.

I had never heard of Tales To Terrify before and can’t understand how that happened. They’ve been producing regular podcasts and are up to 268 episodes as of Friday. Each year they do a special series featuring the Stoker finalists in Short Fiction (where I found D.A.W.’s Sing Me Your Scars). Like the Nightmare/Lightspeed and Pseudopod/Escapepod /Podcastle families of genre sites, TTT has a sister site with a science fiction bent —StarShipSofa (where I found D.A.W.’s U for Umbrella) — and a fantasy-flavoured site — FarFetchedFables (which I mention to avoid being accused of harbouring anti-fantasy sentiments).

Those were pretty cool finds, but my khakis got all twitchy when I found that there is a podcast for Fantastic Fiction at KBG. Fantastic Fiction is a monthly reading series held at the KGB bar in New York City. Hosted by Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel, FF is the baddest of the badass for speculative fiction reading, edging out Canada’s own multi-city Chi-Series readings. Oates, Straub, Miéville and shit-ton of talented folks have read there. Sadly, the podcasts are not complete and the archive doesn’t extend back to the beginning of the series, but still, badass.

Now, does anybody have any favourite neo-noir podcasts to recommend?


  1. They’re not short fiction…but check out TANIS and The Black Tapes. Both are well-written and acted…and dark. TANIS is a bit more sci-fi while The Black Tapes is more mystery-horror.

  2. Thanks Jason — love the work you’ve done with Apex.

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