2016 Black SFF Writer Survey Report

Despite recognizing the importance of diversity in publishing, trying to balance my own reading habits and supporting markets that promote diversity, I am a cis white male neophyte writer and sometimes stumble in discussing it. So, I will leave that to the good folks at FIYAH: Literary Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction:

Public conversations about and around diversity in publishing are not new, especially in the speculative fiction cultural space. Samuel Delany discussed his experiences with anti-black racial aggression in mainstream speculative fiction nearly two decades ago with the essay “Racism and Science Fiction.” 2009’s RaceFail debates and discussions exposed a raw nerve in the broader speculative fiction and SFF fandom and industry with regard to race.

Detailed discussions and results of the survey are available on their website:



Go take a look and while you are there, check out Issue #1: Rebirth.

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