#amwriting Update: Ides of March Edition

OK, today is PI Day, but the Ides of March is tomorrow and a better thematic fit.

Besides, I’m a recovering mathematician.

I started 2017 with an ambitious BigPlan(tm) for writing in 2017.

So, how am I doing?

Item Target Actual
#YearOfReadingShorts 74 78
Write 500 Words Per Day 37,000 16,200
Blog Posts 11 6

In addition to #YearOfReadingShorts, I’ve read a couple of novels (PERDIDO STREET STATION, ANNIHILATION), a craft book (THRILL ME by Benjamin Percy). I’m currently reading Stephen Graham Jones’ ALL THE BEAUTIFUL SINNERS and Noah Levine’s THE HEART OF THE REVOLUTION.

Reading targets? Killing it.

Writing targets? Not so much.

I had hoped for a completed short story every month. Right now I have two partially complete stories, some short (<750 words) flash and some brain dumps I wrote either for myself or for prep on book #2.

500 words is not a big target, but I only manage to sit down to write every third day or so.

I have some work ahead of me if I am going to get back on track.

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