Resolution Time


Credit: Corbis

We’re past that most wonderful time of the year and have entered the zone where melancholy meets reflection and we resolve to do better.


For me, that means finishing what I start and submitting what I finish. No more classes, no more craft books. At least for now. I have to do more of that actual writer stuff.

Maybe it’s time for you to get into a critique group. I’m going to get more active in the workshop at LitReactor, but there are free alternatives out there if you didn’t want to pay.

For others, maybe it’s time to take a class, in which case LitReactor has you covered. The classes with Chuck Palahniuk and Richard Thomas are both sold out, but there are lots of other choices and they are all good. I’ve taken the boot camp version of Richard’s class and love the setup over at LitReactor.

For others, perhaps it’s time to let someone else look at that lingering manuscript. Have it evaluated or professionally edited. Head over to StoryFix or Scarlett Editorial Services, both of whom are running year-end sales where you can lock in hefty discounts by signing up before the end of the year.

Whatever your resolutions, I wish you the best. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some pushups to do.

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