New LitMags to Watch

As we 2015 winds down, we received word that is closing their slush pile. They will continue to solicit short fiction submissions, but no more unsolicited stuff for them. Fair enough as they are a very visible, yet exclusive market.

It looks like they have not updated their submissions page yet, so if you have something in hand, maybe get it off to them ASAFP.

Hot on the heels of that announcement, the good folks at Burning Water released their first issue, a print copy of which is available at their Etsy store.

We are looking for short stories or narrative poetry that combine nature themes with science fiction/speculative fiction writing. We seek to explore the natural world (ours or otherwise) in relation to technology, where that has taken us, and where it may take us yet.

Burning Water

And — if that is not enough for you greedy, greedy swine — LitReactor columnist, instructor, award-winning editor, writer of things dark and all-around good egg Richard Thomas has announced that he has more than a new book coming out in 2016 (which you really should pre-order).

Richard is planning to Kickstart a new online litmag: Gamut.

His site will give you the deets, but the crew of people he has lined up blows my puny human mind.

 I love Tor, as well as Nightmare, Shimmer, Apex, Clarkesworld, Black Static, Shock Totem, Cemetery Dance and so many other publications. I hope that Gamut can become a part of the landscape and continue to provide opportunities for authors to share their work, get paid a decent rate, and maybe even get discovered. There is no shortage of talent out there, I can tell you that much. Thanks for reading, and wish us luck! I hope you’ll be a part of this.

Richard Thomas

I also note that there is still room in Richard’s January Short Story Mechanics class over at LitReactor. The course has been changed from a one to two week format, which may make it easier to keep up (the one week course was like bootcamp and a nudge from RealLife could send your experience off-kilter). Highly Recommended.

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