Need a StoryFix … at a discount?

Some time ago, after I had finished a zero-draft of novel #1, I realized that there were too many moving parts in a novel that I did not understand and had not kept in mind whilst Nano-ing away.

With the next novel, I took some time. Looked at the various components. Am still looking at the various components.

This time I know that they’re there.

I know they are there because I have read Larry Brooks. His website. His books.

And I’ve hired him. Worth every fucking penny I paid, plus a dime* for each of those pennies.

* Which is to say that the advice I got was worth 11 times what I paid. Possibly more, but that has to wait until the book is published.

Larry provides a number of services to writers and, like many of us, has high- and low-periods in his schedule. Like many of us, the silly season represents one of those lulls.

So Larry is offering discounts:

Have a look, read his blog, check his posts out over on The Kill Zone, read his books. Maybe he can help you as he has helped me.

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