Happy Halloween – My Haunting Soundtrack

Here at Casa Cheffo, we pride ourselves on the horrible haunting experience that we provide during this most wonderful time of the year.

Way, way back, I used to generate soundtracks and effects on-the-fly like a macabre DJ. I wrote and released a piece of software that allowed you to send music and sound effects to multiple sound systems. It was a lot of fun and let me really freak people out by reacting to what they were doing in the graveyard.

Then came kids, which required that at least one parent take them trick-or-treating and that put a damper on the live-action sound effects.

The obvious solution would be to just put an effects CD on repeat. Problem is that most pre-recorded soundtracks don’t capture the essence of terror that we want to inflict and don’t include background music (like, say, the great 5/4 pounding of John Carpenter’s Halloween theme).

So I fired up whatever sequencing software I was using at the time and assembled our own custom soundtrack — terrible, blood-curdling effects recorded over my favourite horror themes. I still love listening to it.

I’ve put the core tracks up on my DropBox for any and all to use as their own.


NOTE: While there is no adult content per se, some of the effects are intense and perhaps not appropriate for sustained playing around small children. Best played loud.

Happy Haunting

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