Microfiction Madness

At the end of March, I decided to take a break from short stories and try my hand at microfiction — stories of 100 words or fewer. I wanted to see if I could generate friction from rubbing a very few sentences together.

Writing short, short, short stories is hard and every word has to do double- or triple-duty. It is good exercise and I think I am going to commit to writing a piece of micro at least once a month, although I may go up to 250 words.

The stats for the month were a bunch of balled-up pieces of paper with one, maybe two, good sentences that I couldn’t turn into anything and three pieces that I sent to market. Of those three, there is one that I am proud of, one that I think is good and fits the call and one that I just kept fiddling with. Eventually I needed to put the pen down, so that last one went out to market as well.

Challenging stuff, trying to jam an actual story into so few words, but worthwhile if only to remind me that every word I write needs to do something.

Back to a short that I’ve been wanting to write and finishing the outline for novel #2.

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