Review: SuperNOIRtural Tales by Ian Rogers (4/5)

Recommended by my pulp favourite

I had picked up, but not yet read, Ian Rogers’ Every House Is Haunted (ChiZine) when my favourite author of supernatural pulp, Chris F. Holm, tweeted about SuperNOIRtural Tales. As it happens, Ian Rogers was going to be appearing at a local con that I was taking the little Cheffos to. Serendipity.

After hours wading through Lego, XBoxes and The Walking Dead, we finally got to do what *I* wanted. Popped by the ChiZine booth and then sought out Mr. Rogers in the Rue Morgue. I gave him my “Chris Holm said …” and handed his patient, charming wife some cash. He gave me a signed copy of SuperNOIRtural Tales and his thanks.

Now, I have bought books on far less that a tweeted recommendation and the fact that the author has a book with a favourite publisher, but for some unknown reason, I was nervous about this one. I knew nothing of Felix Renn other than he had been featured in these things called “chapbooks”.

What if I didn’t like it? Somehow, I felt like my life would be diminished if I simply didn’t love this book.

Don’t worry.

I am fine and I love SuperNOIRtural Tales.


SuperNOIRtural Tales from Burning Effigy

Supernatural noir with a side of smartass

Felix Renn is Toronto-based PI whose cases often take on a supernatural bent. That may sound simply “to be expected” from a collection called SuperNOIRtural Tales, but there is more.

Much more.

Most of my reading in this subgenre has featured supernatural elements that exist, unknown to folk like us, in our world.

In Felix’s world, all manner of weirdities cross over to our world from The Black Lands, a parallel world discovered after the disappearance of a flight of U.S. Navy bombers in 1945.

In Felix’s world, the supernatural brings rules, regulations, bureaucracies. Also fear and fences.

The stories in this collection are easily consumable, very enjoyable noir with depth, a wise-cracking pulp detective and all the fun of urban fantasy.

Each story is better than the last and I found myself somewhat irritated that there was no Felix Renn novel ready for me to devour.

(Hint, hint!)

NOTE: As I mentioned at the open, Ian has a collection of short stories published by ChiZine. When I spoke to Ian at Word on the Street this fall, he had been talking to Roy Lee (The Ring, The Grudge) about developing one of his novelettes for television. Fingers crossed.

COOL: I just saw the short list for The ReLit Awards and Every House Is Haunted is on it. Congratulations Ian!

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