So I joined this critique group and …

discovered that critiquing is work. Just like writing. And I really enjoy them both.

While I have met some local writers, they are all great writers with a number of novels and other publication credits under their belts. I am simply not in their league. Plus, my community involvement eats up calendar real estate right at those times when local critique groups are meeting.

So, I went looking for an online community that would give me the support and flexibility that I need. A couple of Google searches later, I found a couple of lists like:

After pushing the buttons and kicking the tires on a few of the mentioned sites, I settled on The rules seem fair (do one critique in 75% of weeks of membership and you maintain standing) and, more importantly, the stories being submitted are the type of stories that I like to read and write (and I checked a bunch of stories on each site I tried). The critiques also look like the type of feedback that I want to receive. All good so far.

On the downside, critters is not the slickest site on the planet, there are some extra hoops to be jumped through and the discussion forum seems to take forever to load. At the end of the month, it was the community that I liked the best. 

Best of all, I just got back to 100% after taking a few weeks to see how it all works and what was expected of me.

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