I like to write and it’s not a lie.

Have you ever heard exactly the same thing dozens of times and then you hear it just one more time and all of a sudden you feel the truth of it?

No? Well it happens to me all the time (I can be a little dense) and it happened again this morning.

SharkAgent-of-excellent-advice Janet Reid wrote a post addressing the notion that a writer has to be connected in order to get published. She raises some good points, but that isn’t what surprised me (she always has something good to say).

What surprised me was the way I reacted to one small sentence:

Giving up cause someone tells you it’s hard means you don’t have what it takes to be a writer.published.

It wasn’t the nod to tenacity that caught me up. It was the distinction between writing and being published and the realization that I just like to write.

When I started the journey, I really wanted to get my words on shelves. This morning I realized that (check with me tomorrow to see if it sticks) what I really want is to get my words onto the page. I love writing. The act of writing. More than the dream of being published.

To many of you, this may all seem too obvious.

To me, it feels pretty cool to see that the reward is in doing what I simply must do every day, rather than being a distant pot of gold sitting there at the end of some rainbow.

Rest the rest of the Shark’s post over at her blog:


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