Everywritersresource’s list of Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazines

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I am seeing quite a bit of interest (in terms of traffic and click-throughs) in posts on markets, so I’m going to do micro-posts like this when I come across new resources.

I have no interest in trying to maintain proper markets listings, especially when there are other folks that do such a great job (I’m looking at you Sandra Seamans and Randi Alexander), but getting my own stuff organized has to be a GoodThing(tm), right?

So, I’ve added a couple of links at the top right corner of the site header so that people can jump right into a catalog of my posts about markets.

@everywriter tweeted a link to their list of SciFi & Fantasy Mags, so here it is:


While you are there, be sure to check their submissions page.

We are taking submissions of Flash Fiction for EWR: Short Stories. We are looking for high quality fiction, first time publication with us, and under 500 words! If you have such a story, something awesome that you would like to publish, please send it to eds (at) everywritersresource (dot) com with the subject heading EWR: Short Stories. Under 500 words is fine, really the shorter the better.


Good Luck!

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