Just because I can …

Recent weeks have brought to mind the notion that just because we can do something doesn’t mean that we should do that thing.

Self-publishing — it is now possible for people to bypass the traditional agent/publisher route and take their work directly to the people. A very powerful option, to be sure, but how many people will push work out that isn’t ready? And will they do it just because they can publish right now?

Always-on, instant news — how many people spent this past week parked in front of CNN or hitting refresh on their Twitter feeds and news sites? What was the psychological toll for that journey?

And then, on a specific and personal note, there were my experiences during Camp NaNoWriMo …

Let me be clear that my Camp experience has been a GoodThing™. It just could have been more. In my rush to write, I forgot some things.

I forgot that I really don’t know much about things like structure, pacing and character arcs. I need to learn more about the technical aspect of the craft.

Any recommendations?

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