Sean Cummings says to get my @#$ on Twitter

This morning Sean Cummings posted on Oasis for YA with advice for fledgling authors to “Get your @#$ on Twitter“. He writes about the advantages of interacting with writers, bloggers and about getting inside the head of the elusive and enigmatic literary agent.

See where I am going with this? Get your @#$% on Twitter and you will learn about publishing in real time. You will be exposed to valuable information that you can’t get in the latest “how to get published” book. It’s a fantastic tool for the fledgling author and even though I’ve been using it now for more than four years, I’m still learning something new every single day. Do check it out.

As a fledgling author (yes, I am grateful that he didn’t choose to refer to young authors), I find this to be stellar advice —  I have learned lots from, and have been entertained more by, the folks who dwell in my Twitter feed.

Warning: Potential side-effects may include actual writing.

Having my @#$ on Twitter helps me write.

Not that those 140-character bursts help with my craft, but they get my @#$ in the chair.

I have a #dayjob that I am rather fond of and  a #family that I adore. I happily, even hungrily, spend loads of time and energy on my life in the #realworld. Finding times when I have both the energy and mindset to write effectively can be a #realchallenge.

Whether it is first thing in the morning, when I am still groggy but nobody else is up, or at the very end of the day, when the kids are in bed and I am ready to settle down for the night, scrolling through that stream of Tweets energizes me and puts me in a mood for #writing.


Read Sean’s post in its’ entirety:

And follow him on Twitter:

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